Ninebot Elite: a new and fun vehicle

Ninebot Elite personal transporter: a new and fun way of getting around!

Ninebot Elite personal transporter: a new and fun vehicle

Fed up of spending hours in traffic jams? Tired of peddaling bicycle amid cars? Not reassured by the scooter on the sidewalk? Try the Ninebot Elite personal transporter!

The personal transporter is a new vehicle compact, highly manoeuvrable and resolutely fun which will allow you to get around the city or ramble in the countryside without getting tired, get down the stairs or climbing slopes without effort and with style!

The Ninebot Elite personal transporter is compact, lightweight and convenient. It can be dismounted in a jiffy and stored in your trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere with you.

Fast handling & safe rides

Ninebot Elite personal transporter: fast handling & safe rides
The Ninebot Elite personal transporter conducts itself using finger and foot control in an intuitive and easy way. It detects your natural movements to go forward, backward or to turn. It only takes a few seconds to learn how to control it.

Thanks to its gyroscopic sensors and its intelligent system, the Ninebot Elite gyropode guarantees you perfect safety and stability. Unlike its competitors, it prevents you from falling.

With its exceptional manoeuvrability and control system inspired by walking or skiing, this innovative new vehicle will offer you unmatched sensations and comfort of driving safely.

You want to control your Ninebot Elite? There’s an app for that!

Ninebot Elite personal transporter's smartphone app

Ninebot Elite personal transporter has another stunning innovation: its application for smartphones (iOS / Android) which enables you to enjoy a real dashboard and see any useful information in one single screen. In addition it has a built-in LED display.

But the real usefulness of the application lies in its system of remote control. Yes, you can control your Ninebot Elite personal transporter with the Ninedroid application. It also enables you take pictures or videos and share directly with your friends!

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